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Passionate about sharing technical knowledge and about meeting and helping people, Noël loves to teach and has offered talks on diverse topics from the very beginning of his career in technology. He is a web developer and a developer advocate, a former mobile and Java developer, with experience in learning design, teaching, software architecture and technical management. Based on this wide experience, he now focuses on the developer community, where he helps developers around the world master the modern capabilities of the Web (among other things) through talks, blog posts and OSS contributions.

Additional Information

Due to an rare (orphan) disease, I lived on dialysis for 4 years. It was only after a kidney transplant in 2017 that I realized how much living with heavy medical treatment was a disability. Especially, I realized how much hiding my condition in a professional setting had hurt me. Since then, I try to advocate as much as possible for "invisible disabilities," orphan diseases and organ donation. In this way I hope to help others to avoid experiencing the same prejudices. Therefore, I am always more than happy to discuss these topics with the event organizers, to see together how we could take them into consideration for the event. Of course, I do not mention any of this during my conference session without explicit authorization.

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