The Web is on 🔥 F.I.R.E. 🔥 !!! (conference edition)

The F.I.R.E. safety kit for everyone! Learn the best new capabilities of the modern web in one shot without burning out!

FIRE conference

Last Major Update2019-07-18
Typeconference (30-45min)
Will be given at
Devfest BDM 2019


The Web platform is constantly evolving...and it's been 4 years now that we are still talking about the same 4 technologies for the 4 key elements that make a great web app: Fast, Integrated, Reliable & Engaging.

It's time to get up to speed!

Let's take a few minutes to:

  1. take stock of the latest W3C, WICG and WHATWG drafts
  2. demonstrate each of them in the browser
  3. present concrete applications and what each brings to our users
  4. explore a global methodology to always transition smoothly

So, are you ready for the future of the web?


Basic knowledge of javascript and webdev

Notes for reviewers

For two years, since I presented the first talk called "Web on F.I.R.E.," I have focused my attention on this subject. It offers web development best practices in two ways:

  1. how to use the latest evolution of the web platform to provide a better user experience
  2. deconstruction of misconceptions that the community has about PWA and the Web platform

Here, I use the "F.I.R.E." acronym as a category under which I can offer a number of related talks on the Progressive Web App principles & modern web benefits. This way, I can always keep a focus on the real, concrete benefits a new technology can bring to the end-user, with context, rather than presenting it only from a technical perspective.

Therefore, this is not just a list of ongoing additions to the web standards, but a global and concrete vision of what these advances could bring to us, the developers & web app end-users.

This work gave and will give rise to a "Deep Dive" session at Devoxx Belgium university and at Breizhcamp, a talk at Devfest Nantes & Paris Open Source Summit 2019, a workshop at BestOfWeb, and several close-up sessions, each detailing a particular technology or methodology.