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F.I.R.E. university

Last Major Update2019-07-08
TypeDeep dive (2-3h)
Will be given at
Devoxx Belgium 2019
Already given at
BreizhCamp 2019

Four years ago the idea of Progressive Web Apps arrived in the world. This brought a whole new approach to mobile & web apps development, often summarized as F.I.R.E. (Fast Integrated Reliable & Engaging). But the web platform is constantly evolving and mutating, so how has F.I.R.E. technology evolved with it?

Join me to explore four cutting-edge technologies (one for each F.I.R.E. concept) that will help bring your web apps to the next level!


This is my main track since the beginning of 2019 and I give it a lot of time and effort, always experimenting with new web APIs and approaches. This is also the talk I receive the best feedback about (e.g. "best talk of BestOfWeb so far," "clearer talk about PWA I ever saw"). Since 2018, I try to advocate new ways to think specifically about PWA, and globally about web apps and web sites. I started by entirely rebuilding the associated "PWA SFEIR School" (a free 2 day-long class) last year as it was part of my job, and I gave this course 4 times. Since then, I add 4 new related topics every 6 months.

First version (university) presented at BreizhCamp 2019 ( & A second version was given as a Workshop at Best of Web 2019 ( Last version will be presented at Devoxx Belgium 2019. The Sub-chapter on PRPL was presented as a 45-min talk at Best of Web 2019 (

Key ideas:

  • what changes have been brought (or not) by the birth of PWA principles
  • going beyond the simple idea of PWA, drawing a wide picture of the modern web
  • illustrate these principles using four cutting-edge technical evolutions (one by each letter of F.I.R.E.)

The 4 current sub-chapters are:

  • Fast: import maps & kv storage
  • Integrated: promoting installation, best practices
  • Reliable: introduction to service workers and background fetch
  • Engaging: media query level 5


This can also be:

  • a short talk with just the introduction about the current state of PWA
  • a session with just an introduction of each sub-chapters
  • a session with only one of the sub-chapters
  • hands-on-lab/workshop

As the idea is to constantly follow modern web evolution, these specific topics may change before this event if I have been able to test them enough to bring value to the audience.